Discovering the Real Changes in Your Metabolism as You Age

middle aged woman

We’ve all heard it – as we age, shedding those extra pounds becomes a difficult task. It’s often linked to a fiery metabolism during our teens and 20s which we think eventually starts slowing down as we age. However, recent studies paint a different picture, showing that there’s more to it than meets the eye, […]

5 Reasons to Choose cloudcure Vs. a Digital Pharmacy for Weight Loss Medications

Metabolic health is so much more than a weight loss pill. Embarking on a weight loss journey necessitates unwavering dedication, expert guidance, and ongoing support. With the recent advancements of technology, digital healthcare platforms have emerged, offering convenient services related to medication management and healthcare, all from the comfort of your own home.  However, when […]

The Role of Low-Intensity Exercise in Facilitating Weight Loss

The common belief when it comes to weight loss is that strenuous, sweat-inducing exercises are the best way to lose those extra pounds. Many people think that the key to attaining their weight loss objectives is to push their bodies to the limit and engage in high-intensity exercise. While high-intensity exercise undoubtedly provides advantages, it’s […]

Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus: Practical Tips for Men

Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus: Practical Tips for Men

You’ve been working hard on your weight loss journey, staying committed and focused. But when you step on the scale for a week or more, you notice that the number hasn’t budged. Embarking on a journey to shed those extra pounds requires a good dose of motivation, especially in the early stages. You dive into […]

What does medical weight loss mean?

What does being medically overweight or obese mean? According to Statistics Canada, approximately two out of three adults in Canada are medically overweight or obese. The 2017 Obesity Update by the OECD also placed Canada among its most overweight countries, with only seven countries in the world performing worse than Canada. Being medically overweight or […]