No medications required

Improve your physical and mental wellness.

Your health depends on a complex interaction of nutrition, physical activity, habits, mental health and emotional wellness. 

A science-based approach to break the diet cycle.

Based on research and designed by a medical team.


Take our 3-minute quiz.

Answer a few questions on your medical history to see if your program is a good fit for you.


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Sign up and provide us your medical history. Our medical team will review your medical history and schedule your first appointment.


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Receive a medical consultation with our Nurse Practitioner for a detailed review of your metabolic health.


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Weight loss, without medications!

Meet your new Wellness Plan.

A personalized program that helps you achieve your health goals with expert support and guidance. Whether you want to lose weight, manage stress, improve your sleep, or just feel more energized, the Wellness Plan is for you. 

Available to most individuals, including those who may not qualify for weight-loss medications
Includes 26 coaching sessions and weekly curriculum and content
Bi-weekly check-ins with your Health Coach who guides you through the program.
Experience weight-loss, learn sustainable habits, and improve your physical and mental wellness



+$99 one-time program fee

Save with a yearly plan!

Program Duration


1:1 Coaching


Available Canada-wide

Educational Content

Nutritional Guidance

Healthy Habit Formation



+$99 one-time program fee
($1,299 billed annually – Save 16%)

Free digital smart scale!

Program Duration


1:1 Coaching


Available Canada-wide

Educational Content

Nutritional Guidance

Healthy Habit Formation

Who can benefit from the Wellness Plan?

Better physical, mental and emotional health starts here.

Working towards better health can be confusing. If you have struggled with weight management, low energy or underlying health issues, this program can help. We offer a sustainable approach, that does not require feeling hungry, dieting, or medications. 

Rooted in research

Our transformational approach

Our programs is based on four key pillars that form the basis of lasting metabolic health. 

Find lasting change that is easy to stick with.

No restrictions, calorie counting or dieting

Improving your health or losing weight should not feel like an endless struggle or a punishment. Our program uses incremental habit change, without extreme restrictions, hunger or giving up any foods. 

Based on science and backed by research

Our program is designed by Registered Dietitians and Medical Doctors to focus on your holistic health. No shortcuts, gimmicks or fad diets. We provide you a simple path that can be followed forever.

Sustainable lifestyle changes

We use the power of psychology to create small goals.  By using practices based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, we help you form healthy habits that feel natural and enjoyable. 

Improve your mental and emotional health

Mental and emotional health are foundational to your physical health, and stress can be a barrier. We help you develop skills and habits that cultivate a more positive mindset for your transformation.

Your whole journey, summarized.

Month 1: Starting

Once you've signed up, you start your journey with one of our Health Coaches, who takes the time to understand your personal journey, your medical history, and personal goals. 

Our Health Coaches are Nutritionists or Registered Dietitians, and also go through extensive Cloudcure training. 

Once your Health Coach has created a personalized plan for you, they will start guiding you through our program, helping you build healthy habits and change your mindset. 

Month 2-4: Learning

Your dedicated Health Coach continues to provide  personalized support and guidance on forming healthy habits focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental wellness.

During the bi-weekly coaching sessions, you'll also learn more about the psychological causes that might have contributed to your condition, and the tips on how to cultivate a more positive mindset to facilitate your progress.

Month 5-9: Establishing

Your body and mind require time to adapt to the lifestyle changes you're making. During this transitional phase, our dedicated team will be there for you every step of the way.

We are committed to ensuring that you not only adjust well to the medication but also providing the comprehensive support you need, both mentally and physically, to continue your journey towards better health.

Month 10-12: Sustaining

Consistency is key to success.

Our dedicated Coaching Team is committed to providing you with timely support and assistance whenever you need it. We will be by your side, ensuring you stay on the right track and steadily progress towards achieving your health goals.

No more guesswork.

Dive into our frequently asked questions to learn more about cloudcure.

Who is eligible for the Wellness program?

The Wellness Plan is available to most individuals. It is not appropriate for individuals with active cancer treatment, diagnosed eating disorders, unmanaged diabetes, or patients who are pregnant.

What is the Wellness plan's approach and how does it work?

Cloudcure programs combine psychology-based curriculum that focuses on nutrition, movement, healthy habit formation, and mental health. Our highly effective coaches can help achieve and maintain long-term weight loss success. The process consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Complete the eligibility quiz to check if you qualify
  2. Sign up for a care plan to get started
  3. Begin your journey with your Health Coach (optional)
  4. Complete optional metabolic testing and a consult with a cloudcure clinician.
How much weight can I lose with the Wellness plan?

Obesity is a complex multi-factor metabolic disease, which means there are several complex factors at play. These factors include your biology and genetics, lifestyle, psychological and environmental factors, and how long you have been overweight. Regardless of these factors, our health coaches will work with you improve your metabolic health and lose weight, sustainably.

Are medications available on the Wellness plan?

Our Wellness plan does not include access to medications. It is intended as a holistic plan, which can help you lose weight through effective lifestyle change and altering your psychology.

How is Cloudcure different from other weight loss programs or diets?

Cloudcure's programs do not include dieting, deprivation or starvation. Our programs  focus on realistic, small lifestyle changes and habits that are easy to stick to. Not only is this healthy for your body and your mind, but it's effective for weight-loss, and you never have to follow another fad diet again!

Don't leave health problems for tomorrow.

With cloudcure, you can start prioritizing your health today without wait or referrals, addressing health concerns early on before they snowball into something bigger.