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Our Commitments

Your Commitment: 

I understand that Cloudcure is designed to help me lose weight in a sustainable way, and improve my metabolic health. I commit to my success by doing the following:

Medication: If I have been prescribed medications and I have accepted the treatment approach, I will take my medication as directed and follow through with ongoing Medical Team care, including follow-up labs, logging weight, and medical check-in responses. I understand that if I do not complete my medical check-ins and track my weight, my progress may be impacted and my medication refills may be at risk.

Openness and HonestyAs a client, I will openly communicate my feelings, struggles, and triumphs throughout this journey. I understand that honesty is crucial in identifying the challenges I face and the strategies I need to overcome them. I am committed to being honest about my lifestyle habits, the obstacles I encounter, and my progress.

Consistency in engaging: I acknowledge that consistent effort and participation in this program, including attending all scheduled meetings, is critical for my success. If I am enrolled in a plan with coaching, I will make my appointments with the health coach a priority and understand that these bi-weekly check-ins are opportunities for me to learn, grow, and adjust my strategies.

Commitment to Embracing Change: I understand that long-lasting health and weight loss involves changes in habits, behaviors, and sometimes, attitudes. I am committed to embracing these changes, including new ways of eating, physical activities, and strategies to manage stress and emotional health.

Commitment to Implementing Learned Strategies: I am committed to applying the strategies and techniques that I will learn in the program to my daily life. I understand that learning these strategies is just the first step, and that applying them consistently is what will lead to change.

Commitment to Self-CareI acknowledge that my physical health is linked to my mental and emotional health. I am committed to caring for my whole self throughout this journey, which includes getting adequate sleep, managing stress, and taking time for activities I enjoy.

Attendance and punctuality: I commit to attending all my applicable Coaching sessions as scheduled and on-time. I will provide 24 hours of notice if I require rescheduling of a coaching session. I understand that if I miss more than two consecutive or four total coaching sessions, I will not be able to successfully complete all required curriculum and my progress and results may be impacted. I understand that if I miss more than three consecutive coaching sessions, subsequent coaching sessions will be removed from my calendar, and my participation in the program may be paused until I re-engage. 

Your Care team’s Commitment:

Your Medical Practitioner and Coach are committed to improving the quality of your life, and removing any barriers in your life-changing journey:

Creating a safe space: We commit to providing you with attentionengagementempathy and unlimited compassion, so you feel valued as well as comfortable sharing your experiences in a non-judgmental space.

Being there for you: Your insights, thoughts, and feelings are valuable and important. We commit to actively listening to your needs, goals and challenges, and collaborating with you to find strategies that work best for you. This program is a partnership, and your voice will always be heard as a unique person.

Keeping you on track: Change happens through consistent, small steps over time. We commit to providing punctual, regular bi-weekly check-ins to support you, guide you, keep you accountable, celebrate your progress and learn from any setbacks with you.

Your whole health: In addition to weight care, we will help you find and focus on the bigger picture of your metabolic healthemotional and mental wellness.

Helping you succeed: We will work with the rest of the Cloudcure team, to help you troubleshoot whenever you feel stuck, so you can keep making progress towards your important health goals.

The Cloudcure Commitment:

Cloudcure programs are based on researching showing that a combination of medications and intensive lifestyle changes can improve your metabolic health as well as long-term, sustainable weight loss.

In our programs, you achieve success through three key strategies and components:

Medication: Taking your medication as long as it is advised by the Cloudcure medical team and staying in touch for ongoing medical care through check-ins, logging weight, and follow-ups. (Note: this does not apply for the Wellness programs where no medications are prescribed.)

Learning: If enrolled in our Metabolic or Ultimate plan, you are expected to attend regular sessions with your coach. All plans offer educational content – reading and following the content provided to you during your enrolment in the program is key to success.

Applying: Put the strategies and techniques learned in the program, including  nutrition, movement and other healthy habits into practice, to effectively shift your mindset and improve your health.

Our commitment: Cloudcure is here to support you with your unique, life-changing journey and a successful experience for you. A key requirement for success in our programs is your commitment, engagement and adherence. However, if one of the above 3 components is not working, it reduces your likelihood for long-term success. As long as you are committed, engaged and adhered, we will work with you to help you get back on track, even if you fall behind on our program.