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Productivity Level

Unaddressed health issues can impair employees' attention spans and productivity, leading to a potential revenue loss in the long run.

Low Employee Morale

Chronic health conditions may impact an individual's emotional well-being, which in turn can have adverse effects on your team's dynamics.

Reduce Costs

Absenteeism costs up to approximately 2.4% of gross annual payroll. Mental wellness and disability costs are also rising.

Our Solutions

Let cloudcure do the work for you.

Our healthcare program places equal emphasis on physical health as well as mental health in driving effective weight loss.

The cloudcure formula to success.

A clinician-led weight loss program that addresses both the physical and psychological factors that contribute to overall wellness.

Medication tailored to your needs​

The cloudcure Medical Team will analyze your lab work results to assess your medical needs, including hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance, and prescribe medications that are specifically tailored to your condition.

Personalized nutrition & movement plan

Experience faster and more sustainable weight loss results with the guidance of our expert cloudcure coaching team. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized lifestyle plan that supports your weight loss journey.

Body & mind balance

We help you understand the underlying reasons behind your decision-making that have contributed to your current lifestyle, and empower you to make transformative changes that promote overall health and well-being.

The Science Behind

The power of team-based weight loss.

The key to maintaining sustainable weight loss is making a number of behavioural and lifestyle changes. Our bi-weekly coaching sessions take a psychological approach to help you understand your thinking patterns and make positive shifts towards a healthier lifestyle.

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of Canadians are obese or medical overweight, with many suffering from secondary conditions.
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Reduction in diabetes risk estimated for employees who lose 5 to 15% weight in a medical program.
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Treating obesity significantly improves downstream health, with typical costs for obese employees twice as high.

How can your team benefit from our program?

Studies have shown that people who participate in community-based weight loss programs are more likely to shed more pounds compared to those who try to lose weight on their own.

Join cloudcure with your team today to make the most out of your weight loss journey.

Healthcare benefits

Our solutions may be covered by your most employment health or drug plan.

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Our multi-disciplinary team specializes in various medical concentrations to help bring you solutions backed by cutting-edge, evidence-based medical science and research.

Let's talk health.

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