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Mounjaro Shortage in Canada: What you need to know

Updated March, 2024 If you have been trying to get Mounjaro but have not been able to find it at a pharmacy, it can be frustrating. We are here to help you understand the most up-to-date information on its supply.  Is there currently a Mounjaro shortage in Canada? Yes, there is a continued shortage of […]

How Long Can I Use Ozempic For?

Stepping into the realm of medication might feel like venturing into uncharted territory. Ozempic is a medicine that has the potential to be a very useful tool for treatment in conjunction with lifestyle changes. What is Ozempic, though, and how long may you take it if your doctor prescribes it?  Ozempic is one of several […]

What’s the difference: Ozempic vs Wegovy vs Mounjaro

Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro are all popular medications that can be used to treat different conditions. They have recently received news and social media attention due to their high effectiveness as well as some shortages. Here is what you need to know about these medications. Key Takeaways: These medications belong to a class of drugs […]

5 Reasons to Choose cloudcure Vs. a Digital Pharmacy for Weight Loss Medications

Metabolic health is so much more than a weight loss pill. Embarking on a weight loss journey necessitates unwavering dedication, expert guidance, and ongoing support. With the recent advancements of technology, digital healthcare platforms have emerged, offering convenient services related to medication management and healthcare, all from the comfort of your own home.  However, when […]

Ozempic vs. Saxenda for Weight Loss

What is obesity? Obesity is a chronic condition, which has only recently been recognized as a disease in Canada. The Canadian Medical Association recognized it as a disease in 2015, after the American Medical Associated voted to recognize it in 2013. Obesity is often characterized by an excessive amount of body fat, with BMI over […]

Ozempic Coverage: Navigating Insurance Options for Your Medication Needs

Contemplating Ozempic but uncertain about your insurance coverage or available assistance programs? Kindly be aware that the details shared below are based on general coverage guidelines. For more information regarding your coverage choices, please contact your insurer directly. Recognizing the significance of how to navigate insurance coverage for Ozempic, especially considering the potential for significant […]