Mounjaro Shortage in Canada: What you need to know


Updated March, 2024

If you have been trying to get Mounjaro but have not been able to find it at a pharmacy, it can be frustrating. We are here to help you understand the most up-to-date information on its supply. 

Is there currently a Mounjaro shortage in Canada?

Yes, there is a continued shortage of Mounjaro in Canada. The shortage started immediately in November 2023, shortly after the drug was made commercially available in Canada. 

Why is there currently a shortage of Mounjaro?

A shortage usually occurs when there isn’t a stable supply of a particular medication, and pharmacies are unable to order required quantities from their distributors. When shipments do arrive, they arrive unpredictably. As a result, the inventories at a pharmacy can vary week from week. In many cases, pharmacies will have no supply at all.

The shortage of Mounjaro in Canada is primarily driven by very high consumer and patient demand. As a brand name drug, Mounjaro can only be manufactured by Eli Lilly & Company, which holds the patent for these medications. While working to ramp up manufacturing capacity, Eli Lilly has been unable to keep up with the growth in demand for this medication around the world, including in Canada.

When will the shortage be over?

Mounjaro shortages are expected to persist until early summer 2024 at this time. This is based on information from the manufacturer, and may be updated at a later time.

How is Cloudcure helping patients during this shortage period?

Cloudcure is taking a number of steps to help patients during this challenging time. If your supply is being prioritized by a local pharmacy due to a health condition, Cloudcure can provide you a prescription for Mounjaro. It is not recommended for patients not currently on Mounjaro to start this treatment.

If you cannot locate supply of Mounjaro, and are currently on the treatment, our expert medical team can help you find an alternate treatment such as getting Ozempic, which is not currently experiencing a shortage. Our team offers 10+ medical treatments for obesity, which are currently not experiencing a supply shortage in Canada and we can help you find safe and effective treatment options.

Once Wegovy and Zepbound are available in Canada, our team will also be able to prescribe these treatments.

Key Take-Aways

Cloudcure knows how important it is to receive your medication on time. As one of Canada’s leading providers of metabolic care and medical weight loss, we are able to help you find effective options that work, and minimizing any negative impacts to your treatment regime.  Alternatives could include getting medications like Wegovy, or Ozempic, which are currently not experiencing a shortage.

If you are starting a treatment, it is important to consider the supply status of medications and its impact on your health. Please speak to your primary care provider to determine if another medication option may be more suitable for you given the possibility of interruption on Mounjaro.

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