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How to use the Wegovy injection pen

Wegovy pen in Canada


Contemplating Ozempic but uncertain about your insurance coverage or available assistance programs?

Kindly be aware that the details shared below are based on general coverage guidelines. For more information regarding your coverage choices, please contact your insurer directly.

Recognizing the significance of how to navigate insurance coverage for Ozempic, especially considering the potential for significant medication costs, is crucial. Let’s delve into available insurance coverage and financial support options. (Please take note that as of now, Ozempic is solely available through cloudcure in Ontario).

Coverage Under Private Drug Plans

Individuals with private drug plans could potentially meet the criteria for Ozempic coverage, depending on the insurance provider and plan specifics. We estimate that 40% of our patients will have their initial prescription for Ozempic partially or completely covered by their insurance. Nevertheless, insurance plans vary, and based on our experience, extended coverage over the long term is either uncommon or subject to alterations between different providers.

For a better understanding of your coverage, reach out to your benefits administrator, sharing your details along with the Drug Identification Number (DIN) 02471477 and 02471469 (based on the pen issued to you) and the name of the medication (“Ozempic”). In specific instances, fulfilling distinct medical criteria or furnishing documentation from your healthcare practitioner might also be necessary to qualify for coverage.

Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Inclusion

Normally, becoming eligible for the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program requires prior attempts with other diabetic medications and compliance with ODB’s prerequisites. Patients who fulfill these requirements can obtain financial assistance for Ozempic.

Unfortunately, Ozempic doesn’t fall under the purview of the ODB program or the Trillium Drug Plan for weight management. Present provincial guidelines don’t classify it as a solution for weight loss or management. Individuals looking to utilize Ozempic for weight loss must personally cover expenses or seek private insurance coverage, as ODB support is not applicable.

BC PharmaCare Inclusion

At the moment, “BC PharmaCare extends coverage to Ozempic as a secondary therapy for Type 2 diabetes, aiding patients in controlling blood-sugar levels when metformin exhibits ineffectiveness. However, expenses for weight loss purposes are not reimbursed.” Individuals residing in BC will need to personally bear costs, either through direct payment or private insurance arrangements.

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